Winter card


Snails of Mr Camus in their shells*, herb butter sauce
29 euros
Grilled foie gras, quince, acidulous quinoa
30 euros
Shellfish: mussels, razor clams, clams cooked "à la marinière",
Crunchy vegetables, coriander broth
37 euros

*Gros Gris farmed snails re-shelled in Burgundy shells


Roasted butternut, 

Winter vegetables and fruits fricassee
29 euros

Mushroom soup, tapioca pearls
29 euros


Snacked scallops, red meat radish,

Colonatta bacon, red onion seasoning

39 euros
Monkfish tail cooked at low temperature,

Green cabage, truffle, Chinese artichokes
43 euros
Sea bass grilled with leeks,

Grenobloise garnish
45 euros


Roasted Charolais beef filet,

Cauliflower in florets and pickles 

39 euros
Roasted pigeon supreme of Mr Sanchez, thighs in a parmentier,
Beetroots, fine polenta, pine nuts crumble
42 euros
Roasted calf sweetbread,
Chestnut gnocchi, butternut
42 euros
Bresse chicken casserole in two dishes (for two guests):
Supremes with forgotten vegetables
Thighs in stuffed cabbage with foie gras
90 euros


Fresh and ripened cheeses from our regions
15 euros


Selection of ice-creams and homemade sorbets
14 euros
Meringue tart with three citruses:

Lemon, lime and loomi (black lemon from Iran)
15 euros

Slice of pineapple half-candied with yuzu lemon,

AOP balsamic from Villa San Donnino
15 euros
Mont-Blanc, blackcurrant heart,
Thin almond biscuits
15 euros

Mosaic of dark chocolate and melanosporum truffles
20 euros

L’hôtel dispose de 2 chambres aménagées pour les personnes à mobilité réduite.

Le wine bar et le restaurant sont également accessibles par ascenseur depuis la réception.
The hotel has two rooms adapted for wheel chair access .

The wine bar and the restaurant can be reached by a lift from the reception area