Summer card


Duck foie gras, light frost of mulled wine, figs
27 euros
Burgundy snails in their shells, emulsified herbs butter
28 euros
Langoustines slightly grilled, cucumber and beetroot,
Green apple jelly
38 euros


Raw and cooked summer vegetables, pistou
29 euros
Thick slices of beefsteak tomatoes, artichoke,
Blackcurrant mustard cream
29 euros


Grilled seabass filet,
Fondant potatoes and swiss chards with a taste of haddock,
Watercress juices
39 euros
John Dory filet roasted in algae butter,
Carrots and glasswort
43 euros
Blue lobster, heirloom tomatoes and fennel,
Light bisque
45 euros


Charolais beef filet, Parisian dried potatoes,
Mushrooms from Morvan
39 euros
Lamb saddle roast in herbs coating, smoked aubergine,
Peppers and golden chanterelles
42 euros
Roast pigeon, thigh in shredded pastry,
Honey glazed parsnips and sweet onion
42 euros
Bresse chicken casserole in two dishes (for two guests):
Supremes with summer vegetables
Thighs in stuffed cabbage
89 euros


Fresh and ripened cheeses from our regions
15 euros


Seasonal red berries, (depending on harvest)
13 euros
Selection of ice-creams and homemade sorbets
14 euros
Raspberry-tarragon like an opera
15 euros
Yellow peach pavlova
Granita and fresh almonds
15 euros
"Belenium" beer ice-cream,
Wild strawberries and malted barley
15 euros
Pure dark Caribbean chocolate and coconut
17 euros

L’hôtel dispose de 2 chambres aménagées pour les personnes à mobilité réduite.

Le wine bar et le restaurant sont également accessibles par ascenseur depuis la réception.
The hotel has two rooms adapted for wheel chair access .

The wine bar and the restaurant can be reached by a lift from the reception area