Summer card


Farmed snails from Fontaines in their shells*,
Herb butter sauce
30 euros
Pressed duck foie gras, candied rhubarb, corn bread  
30 euros
Octopus in fine carpaccio, melon,
Watermelon and grilled buckwheat
34 euros

*Gros Gris farmed snails re-shelled in Burgundy shells


Beautiful slice of eggplant in textures:

Smoked, grilled, in marinated caviar

28 euros

Summer vegetables in delicate tomato jelly

29 euros


Roasted red mullet fillets,

Artichokes and potatoes with Burgundy saffron, bone juice

39 euros
Natural John Dory, zucchini flower stuffed with taggiasche olives,

Lemon and basil condiment

43 euros
Blue lobster with fennel and tomatoes,

The crispy pliers, coral butter

48 euros


Roasted Charolais beef filet, seasonal mushrooms,

Red onion condiment with Fallot mustard

39 euros
Saddle of lamb from Clavisy's farm rubbed with Espelette chilli pepper,
Peppers and eggplant, pimprenelle juice
43 euros
Mr Sanchez' pigeon and foie gras in cereals crust,
Cherries stuffed with shallots
47 euros
Bresse chicken casserole in two dishes (for two guests):
Roasted supremes with green beans and grenailles potatoes
Thighs in a consommé
90 euros


Fresh and ripened cheeses from our regions
16 euros


Selection of ice-creams and homemade sorbets
14 euros
Simply red fruits of the moment (depending on the harvest)

13 euros

Raspberry textures, cottage cheese sorbet

15 euros
White peach in thin slices, tartlet
15 euros
Rhubarb strawberry, crimson shiso sorbet
15 euros

Creamy chocolate and mint sphere,

Puffed chocolate
16 euros

L’hôtel dispose de 2 chambres aménagées pour les personnes à mobilité réduite.

Le wine bar et le restaurant sont également accessibles par ascenseur depuis la réception.
The hotel has two rooms adapted for wheel chair access .

The wine bar and the restaurant can be reached by a lift from the reception area