Spring card


Artichoke and foie gras terrine, rhubarb dressing
27 euros
Burgundy snails in their shells, emulsified herbs butter
28 euros
Peeled crab meat, cauliflower, Aquitaine caviar
39 euros


Raw and cooked vegetables of the season, pounded herbs

29 euros

Steamed green asparagus, truffle mousseline sauce

31 euros


Steamed bass fillet,

White asparagus and zucchinis with coriander

39 euros

Pan fried John Dory fillet, poivrade artichokes,

Pink garlic, Taggiasche olives

43 euros

Langoustines, octopus and shells in a fine paste,

Light fish soup

45 euros


Lamb shoulder with sage,

Sautéed vegetables, juice from the stew

35 euros

Charolais beef tenderloin rubbed with blackcurrant pepper,

Candied shallot, pomme Anna

39 euros

Crispy calf sweetbread,

Peas and small beans à la Française, real juice

41 euros

Bresse Chicken casserole in two dishes (for 2 persons):

Supreme with chanterelles and green asparagus

Thighs in consommé

89 euros             


Fresh and ripened cheeses of our region                                     

15 euros


Selection of ice-creams and homemade sorbets, crispy seasonings

14 euros                                                                                                             

Strawberries in their juice, Aloe vera sorbet

15 euros

Lemon curd with candied ginger

15 euros

Passion fruits tart, macadamia nut praline

15 euros

Guanaja chocolate smoked with hay and Java Pepper

17 euros