Fall card


Burgundy snails in their shell, herbs butter
28 euros
Duck foie gras, thin Pinot noir jelly,
Pear of Santenay
29 euros
Crab in mango cannelloni, sweet and sour mushrooms,
Shellfish juices
39 euros


Roasted butternut,

Fricassee of seasonal fruits and vegetables

29 euros

Bouillon of Morvan mushrooms, tapioca pearls

29 euros



Potatoes and alguaes millefeuille, juices

39 euros

Part of sole cooked with the fish bone,

Jerusalem artichokes and walnuts kernels

43 euros

Grilled turbot from Britany, leeks,

Grenobloise dressings

45 euros


Charolais beef fillet roasted in the pan,

Cauliflower in florets and pickle

39 euros

Venison loin, fresh Juniper berries,

Beetroot with blackcurrant vinegar from Bungundy

42 euros

Roasted calf sweetbread,

Ceps cooked in parsley and macaroni stuffed with parsnip

42 euros

Bresse Chicken casserole in two dishes (for 2 persons):

Supreme with forgotten vegetables

Thighs in stuffed cabbage and foie gras

89 euros             


Fresh and ripened cheeses of our region                                     

15 euros


Selection of homemade ice-creams and  sorbets

14 euros                                                                                                             

Santenay apple with ginger cooked as tatin,

Tahitian vanilla ice-cream

15 euros

Half cancied pineapple, yuzu lemon,

AOP balsamic from Villa San Donnino

15 euros

Gratinated squash with caramelized hazelnuts,

Fresh hazelnuts oïl from the Morvan region

15 euros

Dark chocolate and pear crunchy

17 euros

L’hôtel dispose de 2 chambres aménagées pour les personnes à mobilité réduite.

Le wine bar et le restaurant sont également accessibles par ascenseur depuis la réception.
The hotel has two rooms adapted for wheel chair access .

The wine bar and the restaurant can be reached by a lift from the reception area