Fall card


Snails in their shells farmed in Burgundy*,
Herb butter sauce
30 euros
Duck foie gras in delicate jelly, pears in mulled wine,
Lukewarm brioche like French toast
30 euros
Organic trout in gravlax and smoked, multicolour cauliflower
32 euros

*Gros Gris farmed snails re-shelled in Burgundy shells


Consommé of seasonal mushrooms, tapioca pearls

28 euros

Seasonal fruits and vegetables in a thin tart with lentils flour

29 euros


Pike-perch from the Saone with crayfish,
Autumn vegetables, light bisque

39 euros

European bass cooked in a celeriac fumet,
Chestnuts and Jerusalem artichokes cream

45 euros

Wild turbot cooked naturally,

Gnocchi with seaweed and grilled young leeks

49 euros


Calf sweetbread with hazelnut "cazette" flower,
Parsnip cooked with salt, carrots puree
40 euros
Venison from French hunting coated in juniper,
Beetroots and roasted figs

44 euros

Fattened young hen thighs,

Supreme cooked at low temperature, thigh stuffed with the livers,

Butternut squash and chestnuts

45 euros

Mr Sanchez' pigeon and foie gras in cereals crust,

Ceps in persillade

47 euros             


Fresh and ripened cheeses from our regions                           

15 euros


Selection of ice-creams and home-made sorbets

14 euros                                                                                                             

Mango in textures, black sesame ice-cream

15 euros

Caramelised apple from Santenay,

Blond chocolate cream, cider sorbet

15 euros
Cooked and raw black fig, gingerbread ice-cream
* To be ordered at the beginning

15 euros 

Ghana Grand Cru Chocolate, hazelnut "cazette" from Morvan

16 euros

L’hôtel dispose de 2 chambres aménagées pour les personnes à mobilité réduite.

Le wine bar et le restaurant sont également accessibles par ascenseur depuis la réception.
The hotel has two rooms adapted for wheel chair access .

The wine bar and the restaurant can be reached by a lift from the reception area