Winter card


Burgundy snails in their shells, emulsified herbs butter
28 euros

Calf sweetbread and foie gras Pâté Croûte, lukewarm truffle marmelade
26 euros

Marinated raw langoustines, reduced stock
39 euros


Clear stockinfused with truffle,

small ravioles of sautéed mushrooms
29 euros

Winter fruits and vegetables, piled nuts seasoning
29 euros


Zander and roasted frog's legs, garlic and watercress cream
39 euros

Chunk of sautéed brill, potato with black truffle and bitter herbs
43 euros

Blue lobster cut in chunks, stuffed cabbage, citrus seasoning 
46 euros


Beef Tenderloin and sautéed duck foie gras,

grape, beetroot and pumpkin
39 euros

Roasted pigeon from the farm, melting turnips and sweet onions,

salmis sauce
39 euros

Piece of farm-reared suckling veal, endives and mushrooms
42 euros

Bresse Chicken casserole in two dishes (for two persons)
Supreme with silky carrots and caramelised onions,
Thighs in consommé
89 euros


Fresh and ripened cheeses from our regions
15 euros


Dark chocolate and pine nuts in textures
17 euros

The Green apple
15 euros

Modern vacherin mango-passion fruit, coconut sorbet
15 euros

Millefeuille-way blackcurrant "Mont-Blanc"
15 euros

Selection of ice-creams and homemade sorbets, crispy seasonings
14 euros